Anti-vaxxer criticized

Re.: No severance for care aides (Castanet, Oct. 15)

I was absolutely astonished to read the Castanet article (Friday) morning about the firing of (LPN) Preet Kaur from Chartwell Chatsworth for refusing to be vaccinated.

To me, it exemplifies the outrageous beliefs held by anti-vaxxers about their unbelievably selfish “rights” that endanger the health and safety of their peers, family and friends, not to mention the entire community.

Notably, I was distressed to read that “people don’t get terminated ‘with cause’ unless they kill someone.” This juvenile expression of fact by Ms. Kaur obviously stems from a lack of understanding in the difference between the laws on murder or manslaughter and employment law. Pity her poor patients!

Ms. Kaur speaks about her religion and her values. Clearly, she was able to compromise those values for her own self-interest and the ability to come to Canada. It is unfortunate that she is not willing to do so, to protect the health and well-being of the frail and elderly at Chatsworth and anybody else who has the misfortune to come into close contact with her.

One would think that with all these values, she would also recognize her moral obligation to protect the people she serves.

In the midst of a terrifying pandemic which has taken its toll on all of us, including the front-line health care workers, it strikes me as curious that she expressed no qualms about those she endangered as an LPN at Chartwell Chatsworth. However, she was thinking that she could take her severance and move on. Oops! Pity any community she might move on to.

Ms Kaur provides a litany of detail about her personal beliefs and habits. Are these relevant to anybody but herself? I surely don’t care and doubt that anybody who has lost a loved one to Covid-19, or experienced it up close, gives two hoots about her values. She must obey the laws of our land, in spite of all of her “regrets” about coming here.

If you wonder why you came to Canada, Ms. Kaur, we hope it is because we are an inclusive land of many cultures, with freedom from political tyranny and the opportunity to live happily.

However, we do have a rule of law. There are many practicing Sikhs in this valley, wonderful upstanding citizens who take Tylenol, eat meat and endorse getting the vaccination.

You are totally entitled to your personal extreme choices for your body. But the laws to protect everybody else’s body must be obeyed by you, or you face the consequences.

Your personal rights do not supersede the well-being of the whole.

Laws are enacted to protect society, not your right to dispense with anything with which you do not personally agree.

Caryl McCabe

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