Covid science is evolving

You are right, it is still very much evolving, which is precisely the reason that mandating all society (including children over the age of 5) is incredibly wrong.

I’m already personally experiencing my first taste of being fully vaccinated? but it not being good enough. My mixed dose will prevent me from entering the U.S. and other countries, information I was not given by the vaccination clinic.

There is no way to predict the long-term risks of the vaccines at this time as it’s only been one year since their introduction but it has already become apparent that their effectiveness wanes within a year, promoting the encouragement of booster doses (how many, nobody knows).

My opinion on the vaccine has also evolved as the science has.

As I watch the slippery slope happening before my eyes, I have become convinced that what an individual has the right to put (or not put) into their own body should never be legislated by outside entities.

It’s not a grey area, and never should have become one.

Even if I 100% trusted the motivations of the pharmaceutical companies, health care system and government (which I do not), I still wouldn’t support the idea of allowing anyone to legislate what another does with their own body. Where does it end? Not where we are currently being told it does, I guarantee that.

Corina Riesebos, West Kelowna

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