'Pushed' out of a job

Our son is a health care worker for long-term care patients and is one of the hundreds of workers being pushed out of his job.

Our son has heart issues and he had a heart procedure several years ago and they discovered he has another serious underlying heart condition. He has been in and out of emergency rooms and is a high stroke risk. He is awaiting another scheduled heart procedure in the new year.

Because of the documented high risk of myocarditis and other heart issues with the vaccine, our son is choosing not get vaccinated at this time.

However, throughout this past year he volunteered to be a worker at numerous Covid-19 outbreak (sites) throughout the Interior. Many vaccinated (health care workers) are fearful and will not work at these outbreak (sites).

Interior Health had difficulty getting anyone to work during Covid-19 lockdowns.

He was sent him to numerous care homes (during) lockdowns where they were extremely short staffed. At work, our son followed all Covid-19 protocols and was tested twice a week for Covid-19.

For our son to get this vaccine, with his heart condition, is like playing Russian Roulette with his life. The vaccines already have a reputation specifically for young people and heart issues.

Apparently he cannot get an exemption to delay this “clot shot"

Now, because he is not vaccinated, he is one of the many workers who will be suspended without pay. Our son is not quitting, he is being pushed out of his job.

After months of working in lockdowns for Covid-19, he is not only suspended without pay, he will not qualify for EI.

He risked himself while many vaccinated workers chose to not work those Covid-19 outbreaks.

Already there is a serious shortage of health care workers and it is becoming an even worse crisis.

After more than 20 months of mandated lockdowns, distancing, masking, washing hands and the vaccine, Covid-19 is still around. Everything is still the same and nothing has gotten better.

Gerrit Van Vliet, Penticton

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