Haslock responds to Daytona

Re.: Ricky Daytona's letter: 'Line in the sand' (Castanet, Oct. 13)

Understanding that the letters to the editor column is not a forum, I am choosing to answer the questions asked of me regarding my letter about charter rights.

Anyone who chooses to challenge the government's stance on vaccine mandates is free to do so. That is a right that is protected.

However, just because you think you're right, doesn't make it so. My belief is that those who choose to take on the machine will ultimately be denied the "justice" they feel they deserve.

I explained in my letter why this is going to be the case. It sort of boils down to the infamous "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one" statement from Star trek.

When you use phrases like "totalitarian health tyranny" and "power mad politicians", you lose people. It sort of makes you sound unhinged? It doesn't help the case you are trying to make.

As for my line? I don't know that I have a one as such. I don't feel pressured. I don't feel oppressed. I watched as this story unfolded as did everybody else and I made my mind up before the vaccines were even a thing. Having an immunocompromised child as I mentioned, made the choice simple. I also get a flu vaccine every year. Have done for 27 years for that same reason.

Expectant mothers receive Tdap and flu (if pregnant during flu season) vaccines if they choose. Nobody forces them to, it just makes sense to do what you can to protect your baby.

No one is forcing anyone to get the CV19 vaccines either. That is their choice however, it seems to be the attendant consequences that have so many all riled up. They want their bread buttered on both sides and they choose "oppression" as their flag.

I can see myself wearing a mask in certain settings after the mandate has been lifted. I dislike them personally but they make sense to me.

As for us being a vile species, look at the percentage of us who don't wash their hands after using the restroom. Now that's vile.

What you see as me surrendering my freedoms is actually just me making an informed decision regarding the vaccine and my willingness to place faith in the people with doctorates.

I have yet to see groups of vaccinated, masked people walking into restaurants and bullying staff members who don't ask for the passport. Or spitting on people who aren't wearing masks. That particular brand of behaviour seems rooted in the other side and much like you losing credibility with the power packed phrases mentioned above, this does nothing to forward their cause.

There have been many missteps in this journey, many mistakes made and undoubtedly the odd outright, face saving lie but when you break it all down and remove the hatred levelled at the government for their perceived overreach out, you are left with this.

We have been vaccinating ourselves for many, many years. Vaccines have extended and saved the lives of countless people and doubtless, been the catalyst for death in very rare cases. There never was and never will be a 100% "safe" vaccine. We know this going in and those who choose to take the shot do so with that understanding.

Statistics are pointless. Those who want to believe that the vaccines are poison are never going to change their mind and given that, we should simply stop beating that particular horse. dead is dead.

Time, as it is said, will tell. In fact, it is already being told. Enough of it has passed that we are seeing the light and it's not a train.

So Mr. Ricky. Not sure what else I can tell you. You have your line and I made my decisions.

Life is short and this has been hashed out ad nauseum for coming up on 2 years. It sucks for us all and it has been divisive and will continue to be for years to come, regrettably.

I have often used the phrase "whatever decision you make, be sure it was with the best information available". That's not happening with the vocal minority and I fear this will be dragged out much longer than necessary.

I wish you well sir.

Peter Haslock, West Kelowna

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