Opportunities are not rights

Enough with the pro-vax, anti-vax back and forth.

First, we are all Canadians living in one of the best countries in the world. Even on a bad day, most of us are lucky and fortunate. We have our rights and we have our freedoms. And we have a Charter (of Rights andFreedoms) that lays out those basic concepts.

So, for those who chose not to get vaccinated, for whatever reason—fine! That is your right.

But those who do chose to get a vaccine have rights too—to not be vilified or harassed or intimidated. Same goes the other way.

But society also has the right to limit opportunities—yes opportunities, not rights.

No vaccine and your opportunity to travel can be restricted. Your desire to eat at a restaurant or go to an event can be restricted. Your employer’s plan to hire you, or maintain your employment, can be restricted or removed.

None of these are your “rights.” And they can all be taken away legally and have nothing to do with the charter.

So get vaccinated. Or not. But quit claiming that your rights are being removed because none of what is happening that restricts your day-to-day life is your right.

And yes, the government does have the right to pass laws for public safety—elevators have limits, drinking too much and driving is illegal, you must wear a seatbelt and be hands-free (when using electronics) when driving. The market for buying and selling anything is regulated. (If you) don’t like it, then don’t get in an elevator, don’t drive and don’t shop!

But do respect that we live in a civil society in a great country, regardless of your political and personal opinions

Shawn Thomas, West Kelowna

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