Mandatory vax opponent claims rights being surrendered

'Line in the sand'

Re: Peter Haslock’s letter: All rights not guaranteed (Castanet, Oct 13)

Peter Haslock seems keen for everyone to willingly surrender their (Canadian) Charter rights.

He claims that governments and corporations have already consulted with labor lawyers. This may be so but such decisions are there to be challenged to verify their legitimacy. They probably got the answers they wanted rather than a reasonable level of guidance. Under the various regimes of “totalitarian health tyranny” across Canada, such legal challenges have merit.

It is not possible to trust such out of control, power-mad politicians and their apparatchiks. Some try to move ahead with mandates before any such thing is even in effect.

I ask Peter, and others who have happily surrendered their freedoms, what their personal line in the sand is? Is it when children are forced to accept mandatory vaccination with experimental phase 3 serums? Is it when they are forced to maintain up-to-date (including all boosters) Freedom ID to enter grocery stores, as in Lithuania? To work, as in Italy? Or, as in Israel, where booster No. 3 replaces No. 2 in the Green Pass regime. Then booster No. 4, as planned soon.

Perhaps it is upon acceptance of the flu vaccine for six-month old babies, given at birth before being handed to the “birthing parent” (as recommended by the Centres for Disease control in the U.S.). Or a combo concoction with the latest flu and Covid (vaccine) update to battle the Zeta variant, the one that seems very much like the common cold.

Or perhaps it is when you are forced to wear a mask when leaving your house, driving your car or walking in the fresh air, as in Australia. Masks for eternity, as if we are some vile permanently-infected dangerous species? Permanent misery and suffocation, while inhaling grotesque bacteria. All for our health.

How many years are you willing to wear a mask for? “Two weeks to flatten the curve” has become life as a mirror image of a day in Beijing. Canadians seem to adore their oppression and misery, wearing sackcloth and ashes, like a medical hairshirt. Proud demonstrable virtue signals to show compliance and martyrdom.

At what point do you value your freedom? Or perhaps, you simply want the government to dictate every aspect of your life for you? It seems we are almost at that point now.

This isn't the Canada we knew, and for your offspring, it will be like nothing you ever knew before.

Are you OK with being a walking QR code, a test subject for vaccines, an unwilling consumer of various as-yet longitudinally unproven medical procedures?

Where's your own personal “line in the sand”?

Ricky Daytona, West Kelowna

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