All rights not guaranteed

A couple of writers are questioning the validity of vaccine mandates being imposed on workers in certain sectors, primarily in the public sector right now but coming soon to a private business near you.

The (Canadian) Charter (of Rights and Freedoms) guarantees some basic human rights, yes. It guarantees access to food, seeking shelter etc. Activities that are deemed essential in other words.

It does not however view eating out or attending concerts or most travel as essential, hence the mandate for the passport.

All employers in Canada have a responsibility to protect workers in their employ. In the case of a pandemic, the courts will give some latitude to employers who choose to mandate vaccines on that basis.

The ones who have implemented this step have already consulted with labor lawyers to give them guidance on how to do it right. Most are waiting to see what happens but will fall in step once they are comfortable with the legality of imposing these measures.

This is why you are seeing more and more businesses taking this step.

We all have rights and they need to be protected but those rights are not guaranteed in all cases and this is one of those cases.

For me, I am sad that it has come to this but I also understand why it is happening.

My choice to get vaccinated was borne out of the reality of having a severely immunocompromised child. I did it for her but the spinoff is that I also did it for you.

I know that I am not 100% immune to contracting Covid-19 because I am vaccinated but I also know that the likelihood of contracting it is lessened and if I do get it, my symptoms should be greatly reduced.

I also know that the potential for me to spread it is reduced and after weighing the odds for and against, my choice was simple.

I understand why some may be hesitant and all I can say is that if you choose your information sources wisely, you give yourself a better chance of truly understanding why vaccines are the best decision.

There are no guarantees in life but the odds as they stand now are squarely in the corner of getting vaccinated.

Peter Haslock, West Kelowna

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