Judges too easy on arsonists

Arson is attempted murder.

I am appalled at the number of arsonists in the Okanagan Valley.

I am thoroughly disgusted with the judges in Kelowna (who) have no respect for us or our safety and willingly release attempted murderers back into our society and put all of us at risk yet again in a time of record draught and raging out of control wild fires.

If the jails are that full, perhaps the esteemed well-educated judges (thanks to the education we all subsidized but they forget about or never bothered to learn about—free elementary and high school then $5 per $1 of post secondary tuition) would welcome the arsonists into their neighbourhoods. We could place one arsonist in each judge's neighbourhood, preferably on their street where the judge can admire firsthand the results of their poor disrespectful decisions.

What was the intent of the laws governing arson is the question but sadly only those who have completed critical legal studies to the Masters level could ever possibly answer that question. But, with only one university in Canada having that level of legal study, there is faint hope the judges have ever read any of the critical legal studies books so necessary to understanding the intent of the of the law. The requirement for a lawyer is high school and a passing grade on the LSAT followed by law school where they are not even able to draft a legal agreement on their own however the college education of their assistants provides the templates as do the firm records when their article. Of course errors within the firm are copied and repeated for decades by all following the originator.

What mental health help is guaranteed for the very sick arsonist?

Let's start there and follow up with the necessary mental health help for those who suffer the trauma of constant threat for their safety. That is us, the public who live in fear while judges release arsonists back onto the street to perfect their technique.

Debbie White, Kelowna

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