Pandemic has had a huge impact on hospitality industry

Hospitality industry hurt

A statistic from the hospitality industry indicates the revenue drop since the vaccine passport was implemented is 20% to 30% (and) reveals the extent of Covid exposure that hospitality staff and vaccinated guests were exposed to prior to the restriction.

Almost every third customer in restaurants and bars was likely unvaccinated and, based on unvaccinated cases now, 95% more likely to be either asymptomatic or carrying the Covid-19 virus than the vaccinated patrons.

The vaccine passport has liberated nearly 80% of B.C. residents over 12 years of age, while allowing those who choose to avoid vaccines to still enjoy their food and beverages with friends and family via takeout, delivery or cooked at home.

The only people hurt, unfortunately as collateral damage, are the restaurant and bar owners and their employees, for whom we all have sympathy, as none of the restrictions are their fault.

Look to government and a poor national Covid response for allowing the pandemic to flourish too long before taking action.

Doug Waines, West Kelowna

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