Is Lib candidate still here?

The Liberal candidate for Kelowna-Lake Country (Tim Krupa) in the recent election claimed to have moved back to Kelowna and was looking to represent us in Ottawa.

It did look suspicious that he only moved back here after schooling and working elsewhere for the past six years just weeks before the election and had the appearance of being parachuted in rather than being a Kelowna resident.

When being challenged on this, there was a young UBC student who sent a letter to (Castanet) saying he might want to run for public office one day and feared his chances would be lessened should he move away for a period of time.

The idea of each district having a candidate is so that there can be a voice for the concerns of Canadians from each part of the country and that those voices would have knowledge of the current needs of their communities by being a bona fide full-time resident.

Those running for federal office should live and work in the district they seek to represent.

There is nothing wrong with moving away for a short period of time and then running for office after legitimately moving back to live and work in your district.

It would be interesting to hear if Tim Krupa honestly moved back to Kelowna as a permanent resident and if so, to reassure us, could he state where he is now employed or did he return to Ottawa where he made his home prior to the election after failing to win the Kelowna-Lake Country riding?

I can appreciate that there might not be opportunities for employment in some fields in the Kelowna area and to better succeed, it might be necessary for some young people to move to other cities.

But once you live and work elsewhere full-time, that is the area you should look to represent if you elect to run for a political office.

Guy Bissonnette, Lake Country

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