Vax risk is worth it

Those who are rational thinkers now have plenty of evidence that vaccination is both safe and highly effective.

It is also overwhelmingly obvious that those who remain unvaccinated have a high chance of infection and a percentage of those will become very sick.

Double-vaccinated people can live normal lives and be in proximity with others (including children), with or without masks. The only reason governments have now restricted this freedom is to protect the remaining people who chose to be unvaccinated.

The freedom we all seek is ironically being prevented by a minority who are defending the freedom to not be vaccinated.

Furthermore, routine surgeries are now limited because we have given priority to unvaccinated Covid-sick people. That's another irony because everyone, including the unvaccinated, expect our medical system to be ready to help or save them.

At the extreme, triage (choosing who lives and dies) becomes a reality. Do doctors save those who are unvaccinated and dying from Covid over others who participated in keeping the hospitals functioning?

Nothing in life is without risk. There is a minuscule chance you might die or possibly suffer lifelong issues because of getting vaccinated.

If Canada were invaded and you were asked to suit-up and fight for your country's freedom, is there a chance you might die? Sometimes we must risk death or debilitation for the benefit of all, including those too young or old to fight.

My guess is the anti-vaxxers would again protest to protect their freedom of choice while watching the rest of us fight and risk death to protect those very freedoms.

I am tired of pandering to the selfish and losing my freedom as a consequence.

Michael Neill, Kelowna

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