Judicial system is flawed

I am thrilled the two Michaels (Spavor and Kovrig) are coming home.

China's obvious retaliatory tactics are confirmed. However, Canadians can only look inward at our court's part in this lengthy debacle.

If the Canadian judicial system could have sped up the process, the Michaels could have been home much earlier. Yes, it was Meng (Wanzhou)’s legal crew that put forth the requests for delays but the Canadian system allowed this to drag on for years. I have not even heard what the cost was to the Canadian taxpayers.

In another case, a Nazi was allowed to remain in Canada for years after courts "deported" him. The system allowed his appeals to drag on for many years until he died of natural causes, never forced to face his past crimes.

The Canadian system brought a convicted felon, sentenced in the United States, back to Canada to finish his sentence. He was then given an extremely early release, was convicted in Canada and died by violent means long before his sentence in the U.S. would have expired.

I see a problem with other countries legal systems but I also believe the Canadian justice system is very flawed.

We need to shorten our court wait times and make sentences appropriate to the crime.

Tim Thompson

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