Crack down on criminals

For far too long, property crime has been dismissed as a minor issue.

Many years ago ( in the early 1990s) in New York City, the crime rate was skyrocketing. The then mayor, Rudy Guliani, enacted a strict crackdown.

(If) you jaywalked, you got rousted, ticketed and charged. Every night, the subway trains that were graffitied were painted over. Mobile booking buses were put in service and all crime was dealt with harshly. Miraculously, the violent crime rate dropped and people began to feel safer in their city.

I personally don't care if the person who breaks into my house had a difficult childhood or if their dog died or any other sob story. Build a nice big prison camp and send them "away" for a good long time.

Do it again and (the prison term is) twice as long.

(Perpetrators of crime) will get with the program or or learn to enjoy three squares and some unpleasant companions.

These (people) who are smashing windows daily and breaking into coin vending machines are parasites on society and don't care a bit about the pain and suffering they cause.

(It’s) time for them to have a "time out".

Jeff McGeorge

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