PM owes us an apology

I can accept that (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau has his repeat minority government. I can only accept Canada's government just spent somewhere around $600million for this single man's vanity because it's a done deal.

What is not acceptable is the low voter turnout in view of reports across the country of voters quitting extreme lineups because of heat, slowness of processing people and a need to continue daily lives such as pick up kids at school, care for seniors, jobs or even hunger.

What is not acceptable was that people lost their right to vote due to a shortage of polling stations, workers and added time to sanitize and process people. That is just not acceptable.

Not everyone is comfortable with mail-in ballots or advance polls in a shortened campaign period. In-person voting was never posed as not possible. But that became the reality for many—the loss of your basic right to vote.

Trudeau, lover of apologies, needs to personally own responsibility for that travesty and apologize to the countless people who were unable to vote.

Neil Stephenson, Kelowna

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