PPC congratulates Gray

On behalf of the executive of the Kelowna-Lake Country People’s Party, I would like to congratulate (Conservative candidate) Tracy Gray on returning to Ottawa as MP and thank her for her service and dedication to the citizens of this riding.

I would also like to praise the other four candidates for standing up for democracy in putting their names and policies forward and for running a fair campaign in which there was very little vandalism or shenanigans.

I would like to correct some reports that the PPC was a major force in splitting the vote and costing the Conservatives the election. Stereotypes say we are “right wing,” but if one takes a few minutes to read the PPC policies, you will see a classical liberal party in alignment with many Canadians.

Post-election analysis has shown that, while some support came from disaffected Conservatives of whom it would be more accurate to say that rather than them leaving the party, the Conservatives left them when they abandoned all pretence at fiscal responsibility, significant numbers of voters split off from the Greens and NDP.

Polling data has consistently shown that the typical PPC voter is young, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) and working class, unlike both the Liberals and Conservatives whose support rises in white, rich seniors. This is no surprise as lockdowns, debt and erosion of civil liberties disproportionately hurt young, marginalized people.

Thank you to our supporters, volunteers and the thousands who voted for our candidate, Brian Rogers, resulting in a four-fold increase (vote percentage)) from 2019. We promise to continue to work hard to communicate what the party really stands for and prepare for the next election.

Finally, I want to say how proud I am to live in this wonderful free country where we have fair and peaceful elections. Around the world we see power exerted at the (barrel end) of an AK-47 in Afghanistan, burning of cities by activists south of the border and the deployment of tear gas in European elections.

Despite the cynical calling of this useless election and using wedge issues to divide us and ignite passions, ours was a peaceful demonstration of democracy with one instance of gravel tossing at the Liberal leader and our own leader being hit on the head by an egg. We are lucky to have our freedoms here, and the PPC will continue to fight to keep them.

Doug Burget, president, Kelowna-Lake Country People’s Party of Canada Association

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