Don't ignore evac orders

Re letter: Close Call With Fire (Castanet, Sept. 13)

I am writing to provide a clarification. The original letter was written by someone claiming to be a long-time wildland fire fighter named David Robertson.

That is also my name, and I also worked several years in the fire service (20+ years).

I need it to be clear that I am not the David Robertson who wrote the letter. I feel the need to distance myself from the other David Robertson largely because of the actions he performed during the White Rock Lake fire.

Operationally, tactically, strategically, his performance as a citizen is one I strongly disagree with and want no confusion about our respective names.

As a fire chief, I respectfully don't agree with the actions of the writer of this letter. I have had nearly 25 years in the fire service and now train and coach firefighters in several rescue disciplines, EMS and wildland fire.

I suggest that residents do not attempt to interpret wildland fire conditions based only on what they see.

If emergency personnel order you to evacuate it is because they have information that you don't and are basing the evac order on that information.

David Robertson, Kelowna

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