Vax issues not addressed

Re Beverly Ryder's letter Vax rules not discriminatory (Castanet, Sept. 9)

Ms. Ryder is absolutely correct. I am not special, in fact I am only one of 150,000 plus British Columbians who have recovered from Covid in this province alone.

A very large group of people who have the right to know the science and understand the reasoning and risks behind medical recommendations. That is part of what we call informed consent.

Being Metis only factors in because it gives me insight and understanding as to what discrimination is, something I'm no stranger to.

I understand that Ms. Ryder may be of the belief that there is justification for the reasons behind medical discrimination, but that does not make it any less discriminatory. Discrimination always comes with an excuse. The question is, how good is the excuse?

Unfortunately, Ms. Ryder did not address the substance of my letter though, or even attempt to answer any of my legitimate questions.

Why isn't natural immunity part of the conversation? Why are Covid recovered patients recommended to get the vaccine when the clinical trials for these vaccines purposefully did not include Covid recovered patients? Recent studies from Israel suggest that a patient that has recovered from Covid is 13 times less likely to become infected again, than for a fully vaccinated person to have a break through case. The data seems to be suggesting that it may not be necessary to vaccinate Covid recovered patients, and that they naturally have the necessary protection.

Given that the vaccine has only been in distribution for 10 months, there is no long term data yet on the Covid recovered patients who have chosen to take the risk. A personal choice they made that I totally respect.

Do you know what over vaccination is? I do.

I am keenly aware of the adverse reactions that can happen to a body that has been over vaccinated. I have seen it myself, first hand, and I'm not willing to take the risk.

Until I am satisfied that the Covid vaccine will not create problems, long-term, in Covid recovered patients, I don't feel comfortable taking it. It's just that simple.

I am vaccine hesitant. I am not an anti-vaxxer. I know it's hard for some people to see it, but there is a real big difference between those two groups. I'm someone who is still waiting for more answers.

What I find really sad is a person attacking me for asking questions. It does not progress the conversation.

Michelle Cartmell

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