Learn to live with Covid

Re.: David Buckna's letter Mixed Vax messages (Castanet, Sept. 19)

If Mr. Buckna is concerned about mixed messaging regarding vaccinations, then he has certainly succeeded in adding to the confusion. He starts with his anti-conservative political statement and then references two movies based on a fictitious disease.

He questions what happened to 42 million rapid (or antigen) test kits. The likely explanation is that public health officials realized at a very early date that these tests are totally inaccurate. Worse still, they give negative results in many cases where the virus is present (in one set of tests it failed to identify the virus in72% of people with symptoms, and only 58% of people without symptoms). Of course the government couldn't tolerate this as it would undermine project fear, so instead they pushed the number of cycles in the PCR tests up to a level where it was delivering positive results in as many people as possible.

Mr. Buckna praises (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau in the first part of his letter but fails to condemn him for government failure to protect the occupants of long term care homes. It wasn't until the army was called in that the situation was revealed. This was truly shocking, because if there was one thing we knew about covid from the outset it was that it killed the very elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions. Canada has a higher percentage of people dying in LTC's than any other civilized country.

He then follows up with the tired old mantra about the non-vaccinated spreading the virus, whereas we now know that the vaccinated can also be just as capable of spreading it. Maybe it's time to stop using the term "immunized" which leads people to believe they are immune. Nobody is immune from covid, the vaccine may reduce your chances of catching it, and it may reduce the severity of your symptoms, but it does not make you immune.

We have to accept that covid is with us for a very long time, probably forever, so we should learn to live with it, just as we do for every other disease. There will be those that want to receive booster shots every 6 months and put their trust in the pharmaceutical companies, and those that want to rely on building natural immunity by exposure to it. I don't judge either group and I'm happy to associate with either. If the public, the media and the government don't stop demonizing various minorities then this country has a very bleak future.

Peter Emery, Kelowna

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