Wrong tactics by Tories

It looks as if the PPC were the spoilers in many ridings, preventing the conservatives from winning more seats. Looks good on them. I hope the conservatives learned a lesson.

(Conservative Leader Erin) O’Toole abandoned much of his base to try and court those on the left for votes, and in the process, he lost more base than he gained by moving the party left, and also by punting Bernier and Sloan, both contenders for the leadership, from the party. Huge mistake and now O’Toole has paid the price.

The PPC took votes away because the conservatives failed to stand true to the principles they once stood for. Now they simply blow with the political wind like the Liberals.

I was a life long Conservative, but they have let me and others down. O’Toole needs to go and we need a true conservative and a real leader to take the helm or we will be stuck with a Toronto/Montreal controlled country for decades.

Time for the West to leave confederation, and renegotiate a new union. This one is broken.

Kim Dobranski, Kelowna

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