Vax card helps busineses

I have to wonder how some of the business owners in B.C. seem to have no business sense.

With the inception of the vaccine passport, most restaurants, pubs, cabarets etc will now be able to operate at full capacity, as well as have longer hours. It is obvious that everyone is tired of restrictions and temporary shutdowns and yet when an opportunity is presented that will allow businesses, as well as patrons, to get back to “normal,” there are those who would choose to not follow a very simple protocol that would allow it.

It is a well-known fact that the majority of people in B.C. have been vaccinated and have been waiting for a long time to be able to dine out, go to the theatre or maybe a hockey game without having to worry about being around the unvaccinated minority.

If a business chooses not to follow the new guidelines, do they really think there are enough unvaccinated people out there to keep them open at capacity?

What about their staff? Do you think they want to work in a place that is allowing unvaccinated patrons in when they can get a job just about anywhere if they are themselves vaccinated?

Any smart business owner knows you need to have a good customer base to stay alive economically. On the other hand, if a business owner is willing to cater to less than 20% of the potential customers out there, are they smart?

Keep in mind, the folks who have followed the guidelines and done their part to keep themselves and others safe will not spoil all their efforts now by supporting a business that allows a minority of patrons in who have no interest in anyone else but themselves and their so-called rights.

J Steiert, Kelowna

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