Strangers step in to help

Last week, while kayaking at Bear Creek, I slipped while I was getting back into my kayak after taking a shore break.

When I stopped for my break the beach was completely empty. I was laying in the water and looked up to see two people watching me. Their names were Cindy and Chris. Cindy asked if I needed help to which I replied “no, I am just resting. I’m okay.”

I really thought I would relaunch and be on my way but getting up was quite the struggle. Cindy insisted on coming into the water and helping me while Chris determined what camp site I was in and went to retrieve my husband.

Cindy worked at getting me to shore where I finally made it to a log and rested. She kept me calm by having conversation with me until Chris returned with my husband. With the help of Cindy on the one side, my husband and Chris behind me and a walking stick I made it up the incredibly challenging trail (not really, just to me but it did have a really big log) to our truck.

It turns out I broke my ankle in two places.

Thank you so much to my stranger-friends, Cindy and Chris. What you did made a huge difference for me and I am so grateful you were there to help.

I also want to thank all the wonderful ER staff at KGH. All of you, from the nice woman at the door to the nurses, doctors, orderlies and especially the volunteers, are pretty incredible. Thank you all for your compassionate care.

Despite all the turmoil, we are experiencing today it is still a wonderful world and I am so very thankful for the help of strangers.

Deborah Guthrie

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