Discrimination alleged

Open letter to B.C. Premier John Horgan, provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix

I am a Metis woman who has had Covid and recovered from it. Why am I being ignored? Why are you encouraging—no, it's worse than that, demanding—that my community discriminate against me?

I would like to understand why is there no accommodation for people such as myself who have recovered from the virus? For what scientific purpose have you placed people in the position to discriminate against me for a medical choice?

Dr. Henry, can you please speak, specifically, to naturally acquired immunity and why you are of the opinion that it is not enough. Why do you feel it is appropriate to insist previously infected people get vaccinated? Studies have shown the reinfection rate to be significantly lower in a naturally recovered person than for someone who is fully vaccinated to have a breakthrough case.

Can you point to the evidence that indicates that natural immunity is not enough protection on its own? Can you point to the scientific reasoning for having zero exceptions to such restrictive orders?

Please, help me understand, why I, someone who was infected with—and recovered from— the virus, am more of a risk than someone who is vaccinated? Why are you putting forth the opinion that suggests that I am by not allowing for inclusion of natural immunity in the passport program?

Why should a recovered person, who had relatively mild symptoms, get the vaccine? I find the answer of "that much better protection" to be insufficient. It's clear that getting sick from Covid is not a risk to me, as I have already survived it and studies suggest that I am no longer a risk to others.

Perhaps you can educate me. I am being told by society that I am uneducated and under informed. These are burning questions that I still do not have sufficient answers to. I find it extremely disconcerting that questions such as mine, and people like me are still being ignored and relegated to the fringes of society.

This is not the society my ancestors suffered and fought to create. I find it disturbing that our leaders and officials have not only encouraged medical discrimination, but insisted upon it. I've lived through discrimination my whole life, it's pretty egregious that more has been added.

Michelle Cartmell

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