Mandate vaccines for all

Open letter to B.C. Premier John Horgan

I think you should declare September the second summer in the Okanagan.

Yes, why not John? Then we can have even more Covid here.

If we take a close look at the case counts they started as soon as our Alberta guests arrived. I personally like people from Alberta. I lived in Alberta and I know the Okanagan is their playground. But why this summer ?

Mr Premier, you went on holiday as the pandemic swept the Okanagan and fires burned it to the ground. But not a word from you (while you) enjoyed your holiday. Mr Premier, we all need a holiday but your timing was poor at best.

When the Covid case counts are higher in the Okanagan than (in the) Vancouver Health (Authority region) maybe you and (provincial health officer) Dr. Henry and (B.C. Health Minister Adrian) Dix should have paid attention a little bit more to the urgency of this Covid virus.

Now you have introduced a vaccine passport which is a great move but too little too late.

The people who were vaccinated early on are now losing the antibodies through time and booster shots are needed.

Well, let’s get it right this time. Mandate the vaccine just as it has been done in history before. Make the consequence of not getting vaccinated iron clad along with the passport. Please do this before another mutation breaks out that the vaccine will not control.

Please make the right choice this time around and save lives.

Brian Kettle

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