Trudeau record touted

As the NDP and the Conservatives blather on about (Liberal leader) Justin Trudeau’s so called moral failures (he doesn’t keep his promises, he’s not a feminist, he’s only in it for himself) I’d like to remind voters about a few promises he did keep since taking office six years ago:

• He legalized cannabis, creating a new, tax paying industry.

• He created the New Canada Child Benefit which lifted at least three hundred thousand children out of poverty.

• He led the country through the pandemic, supporting individuals and businesses and procured enough vaccines to make Canada a world leader.

• He appointed the first gender-balanced cabinet in Canadian history.

• He increased the Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors.

• He launched the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

• He reformed the Senate with a new, non-partisan appointment process.

• He put a price on carbon pollution (which the Conservatives are now embracing)

• And, before the election was called, he made deals with eight provinces and territories on $10/day child care.

That’s a pretty solid record, and that’s why I voted Liberal.

Bob Nicholson, Penticton

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