Carbon taxes just tax grabs

Re letter: Liberal getting her vote (Castanet, Sept. 15)

I fail to see how the writer thinks voting Liberal will help with climate change other than lightening your wallet and forcing you to listen to more rhetoric from the (Liberal leader Justin Trudeau).

Canada produces less than two per cent of the world’s CO2 which, even if stopped entirely, would have no impact on climate change. This is a fact most politicians in this country fail to mention when they have their hands out for your hard-earned money using climate change as an excuse.

Carbon taxes have proven to be totally useless at lowering the carbon footprint of any country that has instituted them. They just take money out of citizens wallets and give it to the government to waste on their pet green projects—usually run by the politicians’ supporters—and anything else they can think up. It all just goes into general revenues and tax is tax is tax no matter what you call it or why you impose it.

Canada's carbon footprint has actually gone up since the Liberals started stealing money from the wallets of Canadians using the guise of saving the planet, not down.

Instead of admitting their programs and policies don't work and never will because Canada is not the problem, they keep gutting the middle classes wallets and bank accounts so Trudeau, in his infinite narcissism, can try to look like an important world leader.

Do I think the Conservatives plans are any better? No. Same garbage, different can. The NDP and Greens are even worse.

The only thing that will slow climate change is the big carbon producers—China, India, Russia and the USA—lowering their emissions drastically and that is not going to happen in the foreseeable future, so bankrupting Canada and middle class Canadians in the name of slowing climate change is just a tax grab by the government supported by ill-informed citizens like the writer (of the above cited letter.)

If the Liberals just said we're raising taxes without attaching it to climate change, would you be so thrilled to vote for them and pay said taxes? I think not. Yet that is exactly what they are doing and lots of well-meaning people are falling for the scam.

China is busy building hundreds of coal-fired power plants in China, Africa and other parts of the Third World, which once operational will produce more carbon than Canada does and that's not including the ones that are already operating.

So how does bankrupting us to stop climate change make any sense to any thinking, rational Canadian? It sure doesn't to me.

Kim O'Reilly

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