Why he won't vote Liberal

Re letter: Why Libs need a majority

Getting a little tired of hearing “but, but, but Harper” as a rallying call for Liberals.

Firstly, I am a disgruntled former Liberal supporter. Here is why I will never vote Liberal again as long as Justin Trudeau is leader of the party.

For starters , he wore brown face as an adult at least three times. Once, as a teen, he stuffed a banana in his pants and was videoed wearing brown face while jumping up and down as waving his hands up and down like a monkey. Classy right?

That wasn’t the last time he dressed up. He had his family on their trip to India dress up in Bollywood costumes. The Prime Minister of India said, “Mr Trudeau we don’t dress like that here.” Nice put down.

But wait it gets better. Not only did he fly in from Canada an Indian chef to cook Indian food for Indians, he invited a convicted terrorist Jaspal Atwal to his Canadian reception in India.

Never mind the ethics breaches, more than twice he (showed he is a) firm believer in ‘do as I say, not as I do.’ Remember Easter last year? Telling us all to stay home, do not share a meal with your family if they are living outside your home and then showing us pictures of him and his family enjoying their Easter. Did I mention not only did he not respect his own advice, he crossed a provincial border to enjoy himself.

He pretends to want to be inclusive with Indigenous peoples but at a Liberal fundraiser, when questioned by an Indigenous female, tells her—as the guards escort this poor person out of the hall—“thank you for your donation” and the Liberals erupt in laughter.

He pretends to be a feminist prime minister but regarding elbowing a female MP in her breast and another who complained about his groping her in Creston, well she may have experienced it differently he says. Then the Jody Wilson-Raybould fiasco. Another indigenous female feeling the wrath of daring to ask or question him. So long Jody. An so long Jane Philpott, who stood up to Trudeau and was backing JWR.

How about another scandal? We all know the turmoil and the resignation of our finance minister over (connections to the WE organization). What else do “WE” know. Well as it turns out, we may never know as Trudeau prorogued Parliament to stop the inquiry. Another female who obviously didn’t question him was former Governor General Julie Payette. Trudeau insisted she was totally vetted before she got the job. Turns out his vetting was a referral from Jean Chretien.

Did you know the Wei Wei scandal? You may recall he and a group from China meet with Trudeau at least two times. Following which, the Pierre Trudeau Foundation received a $1 million donation from one of the meeting’s attendees. Further, Wei was charged for operating an illegal casino in one of his mansions.

Now we have problems in the Department of Veterans affairs. Allegations of harassment and no follow up to investigate. Not the first time VA was in the spotlight. Veterans where asking for their rightful lifelong pensions to be reinstated. Trudeau told them they were asking for “more than we are able to give.” Thanks for enduring hell and possibly getting killed but don’t expect any pensions when you get back

Besides admitting the country he admires most is China, it seems he has a love of Communist dictators like Fidel Castro. You know the kindly leader of Cuba, his father’s friend.

Is it even possible for him to answer a single question without saying he is standing up for Canadians when in fact he will say anything, promise anything to get re-elected.

When responding his usual go to phrase is “ We are working very very hard.” Hmmm, maybe if you started actually doing something before, you would only need to work hard.

Sorry, but I couldn’t remember all his gaffes and incompetence.

So the choice is yours. Vote for whom ever you decide will be best for you and Canada.

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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