Danger of wealth transfer

A good example of wealth transfer.

Everyone that's not rich probably knows the feeling that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Today it's called wealth transfer. And wealth transfer is happening thanks to our government policy—not just the government of today, but all of them.

So how can the price gasoline be where it is? Greed.

The government subsidies for the oil industry comes from our taxes. These subsidies should give the government the control to regulate gas prices, but no. So then the oil industry cartel set the price of gas to whatever they feel like.

So now us poor folk pay more for gas, more in gas taxes, so the government can throw more money at an unregulated industry. The oil execs get it from both ends, us and government.

I'm not here trying to sway any votes. This is just one gross example how government can steer wealth with a large, bottomless pool of money and please a very rich few for political gains.

Mick Bell, Kelowna

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