GMOs are not for me

Let's talk about GM

No, not General Motors; genetic modification. You all know what that is by now, the altering of plant and animal codes to produce something different from the original.

I don't know about you but I will pay extra to not knowingly consume these products because I believe they are unethical in that the original organisms had no say in the matter. This is speciesism—our species over all others.

Also, and equally important, this is an open-ended experiment with no time limit and no control over the outcome. In a laboratory the experiment has controls and time limits and evaluation concerning the results. Genetically modified food and other products do not have these. We are the testers, or rather, you are.

Having made the personal, moral and scientific choice to avoid all GM products in my life, I have now taken the rational decision not to willingly or knowingly acquiesce to allowing a synthetic product into my body that will alter my genetic codes. An exterior threat is one thing. An interior assault is magnitudes greater.

It seems to me I can no longer trust the institutions that have been at the pinnacle of scientific honesty and rigour let alone others like the political establishment which have always been at the sewer-end of self-serving cronyism.

I know that there are good reasons for the interference in our genetic codes to prevent the continuation of a crippling mental or physical condition present in one or both parents and limited to a few, but to do this just for the flu is like taking a sledgehammer to kill a mosquito.

How any agency or government can recommend, insist or mandate that pregnant women or girls must accept this genetic time bomb is beyond belief. Our most precious resource for the future of our species is becoming just a profit line in investors' ledgers.

The last person you see being tied down kicking and screaming that he doesn't want the (Covid-19 vaccination) jab will be me—the last unpolluted human being.

Steve Friedman, West Kelowna

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