Is this punishment?

This is very unfair to all our tourists and our local businesses in the Kelowna, West Kelowna, Rutland area.
People should be concerned about the privacy regarding a letter received from Interior Health. I received and many people in our area. "A covid-10 vaccine has been reserved for you" right between your return address and my name and address. Now, I find this a serious breach of my medical information, and personal privacy.

I never gave explicit, nor implied permission for anyone from Public Health, Interior Health, nor any other public entity to display my vaccine status. Your people sent this letter by Canada Post, with no consideration regarding who may have seen it.

Does this have anything to do with the lockdowns now?

It is obvious that you have compiled a list of those who have chosen to not get the vaccine, for their own reasons, which those reason are protected by medical ethics and several different treaties, charters and Constitutional agreements.

You have decided to share my personal medical status with people who are not my primary medical practitioner, myself or anyone I have given legal consent to know.

The lockdown in our area maybe because not enough people have received the shot.

Fran Kovacs

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