The casedemic returns

Cases, cases cases. The casedemic of healthy “not sick” people being tested by dubious means. I guess it was too good to be true that we would reach Step 4 of the BC reopening plan, but Bonnie Henry barely had chance to put her feet up to write her next book than she got itchy feet, missed the limelight and the power trip, and wanted to return to the spotlight to wage war on the BC Public. One thing of note going back a few months, when the Fraser Valley was consistently 80% of all cases, Dr Henry failed to take any further action. To put this into context the same level of “cases” manifested themselves back in September 2020, but Bonnie Henry abdicated responsibility for course correction and she failed to take action as “cases” continued to rise a further sevenfold. She could easily have prevented that steep exponential climb of “cases” but I guess “cases” in the Central Okanagan are far more important than “cases” in the Fraser Valley, even though the latter were into the thousands daily. Purely based on this negligence, Henry should have been fired months ago.

I thought the writing was on the wall on 27th July when the Dix/Henry axis started make threatening, coercive and intimidating comments in the media. It didn't bode well. I sensed that another series of wars are going to be waged under the banner of health tyranny, and no doubt they will rage on through fall and winter trying to impose further misery upon the public. During the reopening plan statements were made that this was going to be something that we had to live with. Now we are returning to health tyranny once again. Dr Henry lacks integrity, flip-flopping over masks last fall. The Delta variant has got her all in a tizzy and instead of remaining clam and focusing on key criteria such as hospital and ICU admissions. She is trigger happy pressing the red “FEAR” button yet again. Not someone I'd trust in a crisis.

Dr Henry should remember that the Interior is in peak tourist season, we have intense smoke and wildfire risk, we have only had a few days of Phase 3 “partial freedom” and the incredible social and economic pressure are at breaking point for some people. I know of people who were in the depths of despair in severe depression from social isolation, one of which just stated that “I see no hope now, I can't live like this. It will never end”.

Bankrupt Bonnie has not only attempted to destroy small businesses, but the life and soul of human beings. Small businesses that only have a few more weeks to recoup some capital before we are no doubt locked down again due to cases of the winter sniffles, of which nobody will be dying.

We have such esteemed medically unqualified people as Mark Burley of the Downtown Kelowna Association trying to coerce people to get vaccinated. And of course, Mayor Basran can't keep out of the debate adding his eminent medical qualifications to the mix in support of vaccination and vaccine passports. Funny how “liberals” turn into fully blown totalitarian CCP-mode when given the opportunity. How can the public take the world of an unqualified mayor seriously when the experts themselves don't have a consistent narrative.

Just this week CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said “new data emerged in the last week and showed that vaccinated people who are infected with the delta variant could carry the same viral load as unvaccinated, infected people”. Right now, I don't trust any of them.

Simply provide the data, outline the risk-benefit and let people decide for themselves. If a product is safe, effective, and successful it will sell itself. There should be no marginalization of society, no barrier to equality, and no medical apartheid in civilized society. Anything else is contrary to all medical and scientific ethics, Hippocratic oaths, and moral guidelines. Dr Henry herself should know that, yet she is driven by her rage and anger, and lack of patience with people, driven to lash out, attack, and try to coerce people to enrol in a medical experiment. Her lack of patience is not very becoming of a key figure. I expect better.

Let people make their informed choices and stay out of other peoples private business.

Ricky Daytona, West Kelowna

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