To Penticton council,

Penticton is experiencing a devastating climate emergency. Fires nearby are producing toxic smoke and ash, record heat is causing illness and structural damage to homes, roads, and more, agricultural crops and vegetation are stressed and dying, people are falling ill and are in danger of evacuation with no where to run to.

We have a Community Sustainability Advisory Committee. What are they doing to advise the city departments and council about mitigation and adaptation to protect residents now and in the future? What is the city doing to work with the Committee to develop policies to protect our children and our future? Have any solutions been presented? Have any solutions been implemented?

What plans does the city have to protect us? Is there a Community Climate Action Plan? Why don't we have it available? Where are the policies to deal with emission reduction, anti-idling, water retention, fire retardation, flood prevention, development regulations for new builds and retrofits of existing commercial and residential buildings, transportation, composting, and preservation of wetlands and other sensitive nature areas that we need to survive?

Why were the May and July CSAC meetings cancelled as we face the worst climate year ever?
Penticton tax payers rely on our council to keep us safe. This climate crisis is not going away. Our city has to move immediately to address the issues of climate and protect us.

Lori Goldman, Penticton

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