Trudeau is a hypocrite

Donald Trump once called Justin Trudeau "two-faced". Was he correct? Let's examine one data point.

At last week's NHL draft, the Montreal Canadiens selected Logan Mailloux with one of their first round picks.

This selection was controversial because Mr. Mailloux had, previous to the draft, announced that he didn't want to be selected in this year's draft because he felt that he still needed to grow up and build his character. This came about because last year he posted sexual pictures of a female acquaintance without her consent. He has since expressed deep regret and remorse for his decision and, allegedly, has apologized to the woman.

Today Mr. Trudeau expressed his "deep disappointment" in the Canadiens and said that they lacked judgment.
First of all, why is the PM discussing sports at all? Surely to God he has more important things on his mind.

Second, he apparently doesn't believe in giving people a second chance, at least not people who aren't useful to him. Who among us, when we were 18, didn't do at least one stupid thing for which we are eternally regretful and, hopefully, never became public? I would say "None of us!" Trudeau has always been quick to fire people who were only accused of something without waiting for anything so mundane as a trial. Whether it's MPs from his caucus, or Admiral Mark Norman, or General Dany Fortin, he has consistently been "quick to shoot" without asking questions or waiting for due process.

But he gives people like Ministers Sajjan and Hadju every opportunity to keep their jobs in spite of clear violations of their duties and responsibilities. I wonder why that is?

Lastly, when he's the one guilty of black face or groping reporters or breaking ethics laws, he wants the Canadian public to forgive him and to give him a second (and third and fourth and fifth) chance. Talk about "deep disappointment" and "poor judgment".

How do you spell hypocrisy?

Lloyd Vinish, Kelowna

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