Dumb dad on a scooter

Why are people so stupid these days!

I just saw a 4-year-old boy face plant onto the asphalt in the Gyro Beach parking lot. He flew off the scooter driven by his ignorant and brain-dead father. Neither were wearing helmets.

The poor little boy was hanging onto the centre steering post for dear life when they hit a bump. He flew off and landed on his face and skidded and then got run over by the back wheel of the scooter.

Then while the boy was crying his eyes out, the dad was so embarrassed, he picked up the boy and roared off steering the already awkward scooter with only one hand!

Insanely stupid parenting.

And you see this all over town.

I hope the little boy survives his injuries and any other stupid ideas his father has.

Just Sayin’

Bill Ferguson, Kelowna

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