Cone zones crying wolf

“Remember that just because the workers have gone home for the day, the hazards could still be there. This is why construction zone signs are left in place when the work is expected to last for more than part of a day. Speed signs still apply even if workers are not present”

So if workers have gone home or don’t work weekends, speed signs still apply? Why?

If construction zones are to protect workers then why do they apply if they are not working? Since most construction zones have 4 foot concrete barriers to protect workers can someone explain what hazards they might be?

I absolutely have no problem with slowing down to protect workers. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to work in an area where vehicles blow by me as if I wasn’t there. But….when I am not there why do vehicles need to have two kilometres of 60K speed before a construction zone? How does that make any sense to anyone?

In my opinion, slowing speed so far ahead of an actual construction zone does absolutely nothing to help the safety of workers. In fact because many drivers are so annoyed that they are delayed for no reason is the exact reason many speed through zones. Has anybody slowed to 60K only to find no construction? Doesn’t anyone think besides me think that contributes to the problem?

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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