Stop burning fossil fuels

As veteran climate scientist Dr. Wallace Broecker once put it, "The climate system is an angry beast and we are poking it with sticks." If it wasn’t obvious before, this summer has confirmed it -- the beast is fighting back. Deadly heat waves. Hundreds of active wildfires across B.C. and the rest of the country. Climate change has set Canada on fire.

The science is clear. We need to stop burning fossil fuels as soon as possible. We still have time to save our collective future, but we need to act now. That’s why I’m joining thousands of concerned citizens in calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to put a moratorium on new oil and gas projects in Canada. Greenland just announced a similar move. Now it’s time for Trudeau to step up.

As we race towards 100% renewable energy, we’ll need to make sure workers and communities don’t get left behind. That’s why we’re also calling for Just Transition legislation designed to support people directly affected as we wind down fossil fuel production. It’s something Trudeau promised two years ago, but has failed to deliver.

We don’t have time to waste, our children and grandchildren need us to act now!

Gunilla Axwik, Peachland

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