Fighting with ICBC

ICBC just announced they are hiring fairness officers. Really? No one else right now who works at ICBC is fair?

How can these new officers be fair when they work for ICBC? That is like the police, policing the police. This is insanity! Why not a third party who do not have to answer to ICBC directors etc. Are they going to be afraid of losing their jobs if they side with an injured party?

Take it from someone who was seriously injured in a rear-end collision five car pile-up hit by a ten ton truck and still waiting for a fair offer. I have spent and still do many painful nights and days, headaches, blurry vision, back fractures, PTSD, balance issues to name a few. The chronic pain never stops!

I am still after 6 years waiting for approval of a mechanical bed that has been recommended by two doctors, only 6 years, please take your time ICBC no rush, please be fair! It only took 5 years for them to approve hand splints no rush be fair! They were only recommended three years ago very fair do you not think? I am in physio two times per week massage once per week and attend the pain clinic and see other specialists every 2 to 3 weeks. This accident has caused much stress and anxiety daily not only for me but my spouse, but take your time ICBC make sure it is fair.

I have never been to a doctor more then once per year and maybe to a hospital for tests etc 3 to 4 times in my life and I am 63 years old. None of these hospital visits before the accident are related to any injuries from the accident. Somehow I ended up with a hernia after the accident and a cyst on my injured foot which was slammed into the floor of my SUV, which was a complete write-off. I am heading to vision therapy in July.

The whole point here is why so long to settle or get the injured people the help they need without putting them and their families through all the stress! Still today I think of harming myself, I have panic attacks nightly where I feel I cannot breathe, these are brutal, but please take your time ICBC no rush. I guess if I was not around anymore you don’t have to pay any money to nobody you are clear free. What a great insurance company special, charge you for a policy and do not deliver the goods. I suppose you ICBC are just being fair right ?

Fair warning to all drivers passengers anyone injured in an auto accident in BC is in deep trouble if you are seriously injured. ICBC will drag you through the mud and back again, they will cast you down. It is cruel from this fair company as you can see by my letter.

If you want to see all the results we finally go to court December 6, 2021 Penticton if they do not delay the trial and try to buy more time to make one suffer and break them.

Brian Kettle, Penticton

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