They need care

It is my personal opinion that illegal drugs should never be legal.

My grandson died from them last June 30 2020. He was only 37. He worked.

He was not a street person. He had a family, but it had broken up because of the drug situation. He was a good person, a loving person.

He started using when he was only 16, smoking “pot”. He got addicted to it, and from there went to other things. I don’t know what.

When he died last June, my daughter said something about there being numerous drugs in his body including Fentanyl. His friend found him passed away when he went to wake him to go to work.

176 died of drug overdose just in BC last month. But it’s only the COVID that gets any attention. The real pandemic in Canada is drug abuse.

Illicit drugs should never be legal. Anyone who makes it legal, should have thier head examined.

The addicts should be put in treatment centre until they are clean. It is possible.

It would be cheaper to treat them in a provincial facility, than to charge them to stay in a treatment centre, because it should be compulsory. They don’t have the finances to pay for treatment themselves, and they won’t stay because they want to continue doing it. it’s an addiction. They need treatment to get off of it. It’s psychological to begin with, then addiction. They need care.

Thanks for listening to me. I was a psychiatric nurse, before they closed Riverview Hospital down in 1998.

Andre’ Chequer

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