Fight for our freedom

I had a chuckle over coffee after finding out that Xi Jinping disagrees with my position on socio-political matters (Robert Brown, Let Him Write). Thanks for the laughs, Robert. Compliments to the Castanet editorial team for accepting correspondence from people with positions contrary to an overwhelmingly powerful manipulative narrative. In other media, I'm tired of seeing self appointed “factcheckers” trolling peoples private personal accounts. Paid and funded factcheckers with entrenched political and extreme sociopolitical ideologies.

I also chuckled at the thought of the humble pie seconds being ordered after finding out that, to our surprise (not) hydrochloroquine + zinc could be an effect treatment. Who knew? Well apparently we did all know back in March, and some guy who Canadian Liberals despise actually mentioned it, but he was publicly ridiculed. Need further proof?

Finding out that governments and medical health tyrants lied to us leaves a bitter taste. All this misery and suffering, 1m deaths, all for an agenda. Question everything, especially the Narrative. Now we find out that masks and health restrictions are deemed unconstitutional (in Kentucky), is this a blueprint for other legal challenges? After all, legal precedent has been set. I wondered by it was strange that Bankrupt Bonnie had suddenly rolled out firm concrete timelines for reopening. To me, it seemed remarkably 180 degree in nature. There may be a feeling that they need to lift unconstitutional regulations to avoid the forthcoming slew of legal challenges. Some jurisdictions move ahead with ever more totalitarian regulations while others back off and normalize. Just this very week Pennsylvania voted to end the state of emergency and health tyranny. What gives? It's hard to keep up with the growing division and even harder to trust the word of “experts”.

In response to the ranting of Shane Nevdoff (Enough of Ricky Daytona) I am actually pro choice, indeed the words of the JCCF reflects my own position:

“Governments should make the Covid vaccines available to those who choose it, and that should be the end of their involvement in the personal health decisions of Canadians. To do otherwise is a violation of the rights to freedom of conscience and belief, mobility, and life, liberty and security of the person under the Charter. There is simply no rational basis for the infringement of these rights, and it sets a concerning precedent for government control over Canadians’ basic liberties for other reasons in the future”.

And the same with masks. In my view, you may multimask, swim, shower, eat, have sex, or sunbathe in a mask to your hearts content.

I was actually amazed and very impressed at the actions of Renee Merrifield who despite personal opposing views on the matter, submitted a petition on behalf of a sizeable anti-mask group of parents. This shows real personal integrity, something rare in politicians these days. Is Renee part of a new breed? Will this sense of integrity get ground down over the next few years? I hope not. Just this week, Chrystia Freeland was caught twice putting on a mask just for the cameras. Such theatre. We really need leaders with integrity.

Live free or die, as they say. I'm willing to fight for my/our freedom. Are you, or is it all just too much hassle?

Ricky Daytona, West Kelowna

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