Vaccination a process

I think the government of BC has to get better at educating our younger generations about how getting a vaccination is not instantaneous — that it is slow drawn-out process that can take weeks from registering to being vaccinated. And secondly, inform them that you determine your own shot timeframe, not the government. There is a sense you register, and better show up immediately when 'we' tell you — which is not the case.

From personal experience, I know younger, fairly well informed individuals who are completely clueless as to the process being a registration, and then wait a couple of weeks before getting an email to book your shot some time in the future , my 'process' took about 7-8 weeks from initial registration to getting a first shot.

Others have taken less time, but it is not something happening 'overnight'.

Many people think it is situation of register, and you are booked for a shot immediately ... and they don't want that, erroneously believing, because their schedule is full for the next couple of days and they are working, they just can't find the time.

It just takes time, patience and an understanding that absolutely nothing in our health system happens quickly, including vaccinations.

So register, sit back and relax ... wait for the process. But do it.

Neil Stephenson, Kelowna

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