Thoughts on trees and water

So in the last few days there have been two articles on Castanet that caught my interest, one was saying how the lake is low and that we are heading into a drought. The second article is that the city wants the residents to water the city trees. So which is it, are we to conserve water or not? My additional thoughts, musings are:

-Is the city going to credit the home owner for the water that is used for the city owned trees?

-So the home owner waters the tree, and it dies, what then?

-This just keeps going in all sorts of directions which some of my brainy mathematicians would be able to put into a flow chart.

Along with this I would also like to bring in an article from a few weeks ago about the nanny neighbour who was upset about the tree that came down in the yard next to theirs:

-Did you offer to pay some of their water bill so the tree might stay?

-What about raking up the leaves and using your yard waste bin to dispose of them, or maybe the backseat of your car could be used to haul them to the dump as there are a lot of leaves generated by even a small tree.

-So if the trees are the lungs of the world, what do we do for oxygen when the leafy green things are dormant for about 7 months of the year over ¾ of North America, and don’t say the Amazon as that is mostly in the Southern Hemisphere and most scientists agree that there is extremely little mixing of air between the two hemispheres.

-If the city does bring in a bylaw governing the removal of trees on private property are they also going to carry liability insurance for when the tree comes down and wreaks a car, house or kills a person maybe even a pet.

-Is there going to be water credits for these trees, they can require an enormous amount of water to continue to be healthy.

-What about maintenance of the tree, pruning, fertilizer, tree doctor visits is the city going to step up to the plate for these things.

As you can see, in my opinion, there are way to many people, the city being just one of them, willing to pass judgement on what others should be doing, concerning landscaping etc., in their own private yard that is being paid for by the homeowner and is paying taxes on to have some socialist government body or next-door neighbour dictating everything we can or cannot have in our yard. I do agree that there does need to be something to prevent noxious and overly invasive plants from getting out of control.

Tom Neave

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