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Re: Costco the rock crusher

Doesn’t the picture accompanying this article say it all?

A large ugly building in front of a nice residential building. Way to go City Council! Thanks for thinking of your residents and how this might impact them.

Was this picture presented to Council during the approval process? If so didn’t anyone think…maybe the building should be on the Baron side so at least the residents effected could have a parking lot and possibly a hedge of cedars to block the ugliness? Can you imagine the poor sods living on the main and possibly even the second floor who have to look at this every day? Good luck trying to sell at market value!

One more thing…the picture doesn’t include the new gas station that was the only reason Costco needed to change locations. It also doesn’t include the traffic jam likely on all the surrounding roads or the expensive redo of the roadways and how they would potentially look.

How many municipal voters will remember this stupidity at the next election?

I know I will!

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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