Lower the speed limit

The crash that took the lives of the three students has shaken up a lot of people. It was a tragic loss of life. My own daughter also in Grade 12 at KSS needed a week off as going to the school made her feel physically sick and uneasy.

During the week immediately following drivers were forced to observe a 30 km speed limit at the crash site. This was done as a safety precaution because of the large number of people gathering at the site to pay their respects. As a resident who lives close to the site I found it interesting how willing people were to observe this temporary speed limit. I who use that stretch of Gordon twice daily and had no problem taking an extra minute to get where I was going. It's very sobering driving by the memorial every day.

This stretch of Gordon is to anyone who lives along it is nothing short of a race track. 80, 90 km an hour is almost normal. I would like to propose that the city lower the speed limit on Gordon from it's current 60 km an hour to 40 km an hour as firstly a show of remembrance and also a reminder to all drivers that one mistake can have far reaching, long lasting consequences.

David Wood

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