Lazy homeowners

Why do people buy houses when all they want is a location to park their three or four cars (running or not), a boat and an RV? If there’s not enough room in the driveway, park on the lawn. Why not, you weren’t planning on watering or mowing it anyway. Why do people buy houses when they have no intention of doing any of the yard work or maintenance to upkeep a property?

Why do you move into my neighbourhood and not only run down the value of your property, but the value of every property on the block. If you don’t want to have to mow or water a lawn then do some zeroscape landscaping which will require little or no maintenance but will still look nice in the neighbourhood.

If you are too lazy to care about maintaining your home or yard, buy an apartment, condo or townhouse where all of the maintenance is done through the strata fees. Or alternatively, buy a farm with enough acreage between you and the neighbour so that no one has to look at your mess.

And for those absentee owners renting their property, I think there should also be a bylaw put into effect that requires the owner to provide upkeep on their rental properties.

Years ago the landlord would have to attend the property every month to collect the rent and in turn would be able to see the state in which it was being kept. Nowadays with rents being paid by e-transfer the owners almost never attend to check on their property and have no idea what condition it is in.

To me, with the cost of housing, a home is a big investment, and I don’t want to lose on my investment because of another person’s laziness.

Helen Odell

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