Gravel pit should be rejected

Re: Concerns over rock quarry

The Joe Rich Quarry site has to be in one of the most unsafe places ever, along sharp corners in Hwy 33, with a school bus stop at Daves Rd., and with a history of frequent accidents. One killed a young Joe Rich resident. There have been many accidents at the very sharp corner.

BMID objects to this site for the safety of their community water supply which is directly below. Residents surrounding the site object to noise and instability, and air pollution. Houses sit just a few metres above the site. The site is also not zoned correctly with RDCO and the board should refuse zoning for safety and health concerns.

Residents note that the Goudie Rd gravel site has tons of aggregate available.

RDCO politicians must have the courage to not recommend the site at all, at their board meeting on June 10 and show support for local residents concerns. It is not enough to just pass on a long list of recommendations for a site that is just not feasible in any way.

Local MLAs must also show direct support for the safety and concerns of Joe Rich residents by clearly objecting to the proposal.

This quarry is in the heart of Daves Creek drainage and the very important Mission Creek Watershed, which supplies most of Okanagan Lake water.

It is time for the politicians to stand up and be counted.

Reg Volk, Joe Rich

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