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Re: Enough of Ricky Daytona

Letter writer Shane Nevdoff doesn't like the opinions or writing style of Ricky Daytona so he wants Castanet to stop printing Mr. Daytona's letters. To that, I have three things to say.

One, if you don't like his letters, then don't read them. Simple, effective, saves your blood pressure.

Two, why do you get to decide what is "ridiculous, abhorrent, and nonsense"? Censorship is exactly one of the things that Mr. Daytona is protesting about. Now that's what I call irony.

Three, if you have an alternate opinion, then write your own letter and let the readers decide which ideas they like better. Name calling and telling the other side of an argument to "shut up" is seldom the best approach.

Lloyd Vinish

Regarding your letter of June 8, 2021 titled "Enough Of Ricky Daytona". May I take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in helping us in our fight against diversity of thought and open discussions that present opposing ideas to what government agendas pursue. Together, with your help, we can soon censor all this pesky independent thought. Many thanks, Xi Jinping.

Robert Brown, Cranbrook

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