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To the editor:

I am writing this letter because I have now seen a side of Kelowna that I am disappointed in. When the Okanagan Park Fire was burning last summer, the volunteers and supports and donations were coming out of the woodwork. The residents of the Hochelaga aparment fire are no less needy nor deserving than the people who received aid and continue to receive aid after the fires of the summer. Did I not recently read on castanet.net that there was to be several hundreds of thousands of dollars that was to be divided up amongst 125 people affected by the Okanagan Park fires?

Where is the help for these folks from the Hochelaga? And yes, I have two of them under my roof at the moment. Perhaps some of the people who received help and support should give a little back to the community that helped and supported them. Come on Kelowna we can do better than this.

-Monika Sapriken

To the editor:
I live only a block away from where the fire took place. And as I drive past the building every day, I feel very badly for the people who are suffering thru no fault of their own, not unlike the people who suffered this past summer from the fires in the Okanagan.

Am I surprised that the tenants (victims) of the Hoghelaga fire are being treated differently than the victims of the Okanagan fires? NO. Because these people do not own half million dollar houses, in upscale areas. They are renters in a moderate apartment building. Therefore I guess their loss is not considered severe enough by the decision makers/city council for them to be granted the same humanitarianism that the Okanagan Park fire victims received. I guess you just have to be worth something ($$) in this town to expect any help.


To the editor:
My name is Erin Palm, I am 16 years old. I am discouraged by the event that they couldn't get funding for extra accommodations at motels. What should of happened was some of the money of the fire relief fund should of gone to these people, majority of those people who lost their home due to last years fire have insurance that will cover all the losses.

Unfortunately in my mind, nothing has happened to support these people who
just lost their apartments. I hope the community has pulled together one
more time to help these people.

-Erin Palm

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