There's no grand conspiracy

Re: It's not about the mask

You're right it's not about the masks, it's about protesters not having the ability to think about other people rather than just themselves. The reason at the beginning of the pandemic that masks weren't being recommended was because they needed to be saved for health care workers and with the toilet paper hoarding they didn't want the public hoarding this supply — you know the people who actually have to deal with the sick people because guess what?

As soon as the pandemic hit I had to start wearing a mask at work because health officials advised so. This isn't some grand conspiracy where experts "don't know what they're talking about" or "are always making up new rules." Things change with new information. This was a novel virus that no one knew anything about and had to base information off past pandemics (the last one being in 1918).

New information is being learned all the time, therefore policies and rules change. I am sick of anti maskers/anti vaxxers dragging this on for the rest of us who are thinking about the protection of others.

Christine Pegg

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