E-scooters a hazard

I think it is great that the City of Kelowna is allowing electric scooters around town but I walk a lot on the promenade & the amount of times I have seen a bike or scooter weaving in and out between walkers is too many to count. Bikes can also be an issue on the promenade.

A huge portion of the promenade is wide enough to have a bike/scooter lane on each side of the promenade, just like the bike lanes on the roads.

So many times I have seen people jumping out of the way to allow a bike or scooter to pass by at a speed greater than should be allowed on the promenade. They are not allowed on sidewalks, so why on the promenade where there are a lot of elderly, pets & children walking.

Maybe the city should take a look at this hazard before someone is hurt.

Terry Sullivan, Kelowna

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