Homeless site falls short

Re: New homeless site opens

The new homeless site is a joke! I visited this site last night and while the property size might be larger, the actual allotted area for the homeless to set up is much smaller. There is no way many will use it because it is way too narrow and small, creating unsafe congested living areas. The ground is too soft to hold tent pegs and carts and wheel chairs have great difficulty moving through the loose ground as I witnessed last night. It's great that the city provided running water, but how they set it up, just creates mud and the ground will wash away quickly. It is very clear, as Kelowna community safety director Darren Caul said in your article, "the city is already looking forward to the day when the site will be converted into a small park or sitting area.

"When we're done with the temporary use, I could imagine putting some picnic tables or bike rack in there and the water is already there for a fountain. That sort of long-range thinking isn't something we've brought into play previously so we're excited about that future use."

Another big spit in the face to the homeless community by the City of Kelowna. The money to fund this project probably came from government grants to be used to help the homeless. Instead the City of Kelowna found a greedy way to use these funds for their stupid future park idea. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Michael Anctil, Kelowna

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