Downtown in disrepair

Re: Downtown lacks vision

I do agree with what this lady has to say. We moved here in 2000 from Chilliwack because we like the town. It had a vibrant downtown, all the parks were well kept and well used. I can remember when want ads in the paper were three pages long and finding employees was easy

Now the younger generation have no good jobs to look forward to here in Vernon as the city decided years ago to go after the seniors and forget about the younger generations.

Look now the downtown is in disrepair, no businesses, no customers and the homeless run free.

The city back when Anderson way was in the process of being developed many wanted it to be completely industrial. With the hopes of bring major businesses to town, but no they went commercial for the casino. They wanted all the hotels and businesses to locate in the north end, away from the center of the city and population.

Then they made the mistake of round a bouts, something that Australia knows how build as we lived there for eight years. The city employees, fire and ambulance do not even use the round a bouts.

Then there is the city’s great idea to connect the north end to Polson park via 29 and 30 street corridor so people will walk and bike. Well bikers I know will not come here, why because of the location of hotels to cycling trails and that they have to travel on roads of with pedestrians and they have no commercial company willing to pick up and drop cyclist at trail heads as they do not want to cycle through town.

The city also allows to many home businesses to operate in the residential areas, they should be told if they want to be home based the licence is only good for three years then find a brick and mortar office in a commercial building.

They also should be assisting with affordable housing in the downtown area. Apartments that are not large or lavish but somewhere they can live and save some money.

In the end I hope the mayor got back to you because he ignores all my emails or replies back a month later.

Garry Haas, Vernon

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